Staying On Task

I came into the new year with certain expectations for me….Less talk, more do.  But what does that really mean? In 4 simple words, no more, no less… you ready?  Less talk and more do… LOL

I have a terrible habit of spending hours planning and organizing. I create beautiful time lines , well defined goals with extremely detailed sub-goals.  Anyone could pick up my notes and do what I do on a daily basis.  That’s a good trait, right?? NOT!!!  By the time I finish and looking at everything that needs to be done I am totally overwhelmed, and tired!!  So nothing gets done!!!  I mean nothing!!

The only thing that gets me through, are the deadlines that are still looming.  So once I can get my head wrapped around my well defined goals and extremely detailed sub-goals, I’m doing the “panic” dance. Fortunately, my “Muse” tends to show up, gives me the energy and direction I need, and I’m able to complete multiple assignments meeting all my deadlines.  But it’s exhausting…!   Add to that all the personal things that have to be done to maintain a sane and loving household and I become “femalezilla”.

The crux of everything is keeping myself on track, managing my expectations, and realizing some things are in my control and others not…  In essence, I’ve got to work on me,  in order to make things line up perfectly.  Change of  A-t-T-i-T-u-D-e   that’s what it’s going to take.

Soooooooo…  This year I’ve tweaked how I plan to do things.

When I get overwhelmed with the planning and organizing household and business matters, I’m going to exercise!

Woman in yoga asana cartoon illustration

When I’m totally stressed out, I’m going to practice control…

Little Stressed Right Now

When deadlines are looming, I’ll sit with my best friend and get help……

and if all else fails, there’s always how I used to get everything done….

Multitasking Stress

What do you do to stay “on task”???

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