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tutorial tuesday- dazzling dangles

If you look back to my first posts you’ll notice that my blog header is constantly changing. I keep looking at it and thinking, it doesn’t really feel like me. The title, although it’s nice, it’s just a little too stiff for me.  And although, I can be really “tight” and conservative, there’s a time and a place for that.  Additionally, it really doesn’t fit my personality.

The first time I visit a blog, I’ll decide  whether it’s one I want to follow based on the first impressions I get.  If it’s too preachy, or too serious, (there’s a time and place for that too), you know what I mean,— I’m gone, not back, EVER!

I need to know that when I open my blog to write a post that everything fits, like a comfortable shoe. Pictures and title are so important in getting that first visualization of what’s to come.

I like the new one…it’s easy, doesn’t box me in to writing about just art, — but things that make you go “Hmmmmmm” (the  Arsenio Hall Hmmmmmm).LOL

Soooo today I’m serving a “side order” of a tutorial a wrote several years ago….

wordpress dazzling danglewordpress dazzling dangle 2dazzling dangle3

dazzling dangle 5_edited-1dazzlingdangle   6



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