Putting Thanks into Action

Recently, I came across an artist that donated all of the earnings from the sales of their product line to charitable causes. The amount in one year that was donated was awesome! It was more than the average worker makes in a year….and just from the proceeds of their product line. I am in awe of this person.

I’ve been looking for a way to give back more…I’ve been blessed several times over.  And although I’m extremely thankful, there’s always that feeling that I could do more.  Because no matter what adversities I’ve faced, there always someone with a bigger heartache,  a more serious health issue,  or a bleaker future. I’t puts my issues into perspective.  I’m very fortunate,… My parents were awesome in their support of me, I have siblings ( a lot of them :-)))   ) who  encourage me, give me a shoulder  to lean on, and  who allow me to laugh at myself. I have a loving , (although he can push my nerves like chalk on a chalkboard) husband, who has allowed me to be me. He’s truly a very brave man.  I’m not sure he knew what he was getting into some 20+years ago. I have children who respect and are not afraid to say I love you mom… and very special friends who are more like sisters than girlfriends.  Three of whom have been a part of my life since 5th grade! And 2 from high school. I’m sure we never though we would still be all together.

I see the glass as 1/2 full— not 1/2 empty… But I need to do more. I need to put my thanks, and gratitude into action.

So for today, and at least once a month, for the next 12 months, I will be serving “a side order” of  Giving Back!side order giving back_edited-1

Last month I received an invitation to donate some of my art to the local Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Annual Art Auction.It’s a “don’t miss” event for art lovers and collectors in the metro Detroit Area. It’s a juried auction, so this Saturday, I have to go in front of a panel of jurors ( the people who make the decision) to see if they will accept my work.

This is what I’m proposing….

Delta colors are red and white so, this Glass, with this flower, but with a combination of red and white flowers…

                       And  this pitcher, with this flower,…but like the glasses, a combination of white and red flowers….

I’ll let you know what the decision was…


tutorial tuesday- dazzling dangles

If you look back to my first posts you’ll notice that my blog header is constantly changing. I keep looking at it and thinking, it doesn’t really feel like me. The title, although it’s nice, it’s just a little too stiff for me.  And although, I can be really “tight” and conservative, there’s a time and a place for that.  Additionally, it really doesn’t fit my personality.

The first time I visit a blog, I’ll decide  whether it’s one I want to follow based on the first impressions I get.  If it’s too preachy, or too serious, (there’s a time and place for that too), you know what I mean,— I’m gone, not back, EVER!

I need to know that when I open my blog to write a post that everything fits, like a comfortable shoe. Pictures and title are so important in getting that first visualization of what’s to come.

I like the new one…it’s easy, doesn’t box me in to writing about just art, — but things that make you go “Hmmmmmm” (the  Arsenio Hall Hmmmmmm).LOL

Soooo today I’m serving a “side order” of a tutorial a wrote several years ago….

wordpress dazzling danglewordpress dazzling dangle 2dazzling dangle3

dazzling dangle 5_edited-1dazzlingdangle   6

Staying On Task

I came into the new year with certain expectations for me….Less talk, more do.  But what does that really mean? In 4 simple words, no more, no less… you ready?  Less talk and more do… LOL

I have a terrible habit of spending hours planning and organizing. I create beautiful time lines , well defined goals with extremely detailed sub-goals.  Anyone could pick up my notes and do what I do on a daily basis.  That’s a good trait, right?? NOT!!!  By the time I finish and looking at everything that needs to be done I am totally overwhelmed, and tired!!  So nothing gets done!!!  I mean nothing!!

The only thing that gets me through, are the deadlines that are still looming.  So once I can get my head wrapped around my well defined goals and extremely detailed sub-goals, I’m doing the “panic” dance. Fortunately, my “Muse” tends to show up, gives me the energy and direction I need, and I’m able to complete multiple assignments meeting all my deadlines.  But it’s exhausting…!   Add to that all the personal things that have to be done to maintain a sane and loving household and I become “femalezilla”.

The crux of everything is keeping myself on track, managing my expectations, and realizing some things are in my control and others not…  In essence, I’ve got to work on me,  in order to make things line up perfectly.  Change of  A-t-T-i-T-u-D-e   that’s what it’s going to take.

Soooooooo…  This year I’ve tweaked how I plan to do things.

When I get overwhelmed with the planning and organizing household and business matters, I’m going to exercise!

Woman in yoga asana cartoon illustration

When I’m totally stressed out, I’m going to practice control…

Little Stressed Right Now

When deadlines are looming, I’ll sit with my best friend and get help……

and if all else fails, there’s always how I used to get everything done….

Multitasking Stress

What do you do to stay “on task”???

Complain?!? Worry? Get Angry?? Not Me!

The Object of Art is discovering something about yourself… Happy 2015!  I predict this will be our best year yet. Of course it depends on how we approach it… do we complain or do we find a way to make things, better?—-do we get angry at the people who push us to no end,… or do we decide to find a way to deal with, or maybe deal without them??  Do we worry about things that are out of our control??? or do we move on and find things to focus on that are in our control???

Maya Angelou _ Pinterest

 Personally, the last few days Ive been struggling with the complaint one! OK and the Angry one too..Let’s be real..I also felt helpless and worried  ’cause my situation was totally out of  my control. But I’m a big girl —-and I bounced back quickly…  and if you believe that … LOL not to spoil Actually a good friend pointed out that my “hiccup” was a good thing! It was a fresh start for the New Year!  She was right…so now I’m not complaining, not angry, and not worrying about something totally out of my control… and I’m so far over it that, I’m not going to complain that my previous blog site was hijacked by someone using both my url and my blog site name, and they don’t even do beads or jewelry  (my previous blog name had beads in it)… Most of their posts are about traveling.  Why name your blog something that has no relevance to what you are writing or journaling about???? Go Figure! And I’m certainly not angry that I had to move to another site,  rebuild my blog, spending countless hours understanding new blog lingo, understanding the blog personality, or building a new following. and I’m definitely not going to worry about losing my followers and getting them back .  Gotcha’  that one is in my control! 🙂 I’m really not any of those things now… I was just funnin’ ya… I really am excited about this fresh start.  I like the look of my new blog, looking forward to building new followers and just having fun!

keep looking up

So, welcome to my new blog “The Object of Art”.  Stay tuned there’s more to come. Kathleen


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